Top Ideas To Offer For A ClickFunnels Bonus

ClickFunnels is no doubt an excellent marketing tool.

But not everyone is going to just invest in it based on your review or feedback or simply because it’s awesome and can potentially make them a lot of money.

Crazy, right?

But, it’s true.

Most people, especially in the make money online niche, are motivated by special offers and bonuses and all the other exclusive things that you’re to throw in on top of the original product or offer.

And bonuses just work.

So, here are a couple of simple ideas for bonuses that you can give away and offer people in exchange for them signing up for ClickFunnels using your referral link…

  • A free custom share funnel or series of share funnels that you’ve designed
  • Access to a basic course, template, cheat sheet, or membership site
  • Or even some valuable pieces of content that are available for free somewhere online

You don’t always have to give people something that is being sold elsewhere online.

There are thousands of amazing videos and blog posts available online for free, so if you just spend some time gathering and organizing a collection of amazing resources that are going to really help someone succeed in life, business, or specifically with using ClickFunnels, that’s really all that counts.

And just a side note…based on my many years of experience online, people very rarely reach out and claim the bonus.

So, don’t stress out about what you’re going to offer too much.

Just be able to deliver it quickly if someone does decide to reach out and take you up on your bonus.

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