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SPP stands for Simple Product Profits, and is some e-commerce training put together by Austin Hilton and Jeremy Sandow.

So, if you’re wanting to start your own e-commerce, dropshipping or Amazon business, and are searching for a solid course to teach you how to get started quickly…

You may want to check out this presentation or visit their Facebook page.

Additionally, twice each year they hold a live event called Simple Product Profits Live where you can not only learn all the latest ecom tips and strategies to apply to your business, but you also get the opportunity to connect and network with other entrepreneurs just like you.

To learn more about Simple Product Profits Live, click here.

And if you haven’t already signed up for ClickFunnels, I want to let you know about a special offer that not a lot of people know exists…

It’s called Funnel Hacks.

Funnel Hacks is the only deal or discount that exists for ClickFunnels and will not only give you access to some incredibly valuable bonuses that will help you make a ton more money with ClickFunnels if you actually implement them, but investing in Funnel Hacks will also save you hundreds of dollars on your ClickFunnels membership.

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