How To Use ClickFunnels To Sell Amazon Products

A lot of ClickFunnels users are involved in E-commerce.

And one of the biggest and most popular E-commerce sites on the planet is Amazon.

So if you’re wondering how to sell or dropship items on Amazon and combine that with ClickFunnels, it’s actually pretty simple.

If you’re selling your own product through Amazon, one of the best strategies I’ve seen is to run paid traffic to a simple one page landing page that introduces people to your product and gives them a coupon or discount code or link that sends them directly to your product.

And if you’re just going to be dropshipping an item through Amazon, first I would select a semi-generic and inexpensive item that you can sell lots of, and design and simple landing page to market and promote it.

Then once you make a sale, you can can just place the order through Amazon and send it to that person as a gift, so that it doesn’t have the receipt in the box.

And one of the best offers to get people to take action if you’re dropshipping an item through Amazon is the FREE + shipping offer.

That’s why you want to pick an inexpensive item…and whatever price you charge for shipping can cover the cost of the item on Amazon, plus, ideally, a little profit.

For the dropshipping model the whole goal of the front end offer is to break even. You probably won’t make much of a profit on this model unless you give the visitor the option to purchase more than one of whatever you’re selling or if you offer a backend upsell.

Here is an example of a highly successful E-commerce sales funnel

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