How To Setup A ClickFunnels Checkout Page

There are a lot of different purposes ClickFunnels can be used for, but one of the most common is to sell your own products and services.

So, in this guide I want to go over how to add a checkout page to your sales funnel and some best practices.

The simplest way to add a checkout page to a page is going to be to select one of the pre-made templates when creating a brand new funnel.

ClickFunnels already has dozens of funnel designs made that you can select, so you’ll just select Add New in your back office, and then select Sell Your Product for the Goal of the funnel.

From there you’ll be taken to a screen where you can select the template you wish.

And once you’ve selected your template, you can edit it and customize the look and feel using their visual editor.

In order to accept payments, once you get your page the way you want it, you will need to connect your preferred payment gateway.

A few of the more popular options are Stripe and PayPal.

After you’ve integrated your payment processor, it’s a good idea to test your order forms before opening it up to the public, to ensure everything is working properly.

To do that, follow these instructions.

And if you would like to add additional upsells or downsells to your sales funnels after you’ve created it, this article will show you how to do that.

Hopefully that helps answer some of the questions you’ve had about creating and customizing checkout pages with ClickFunnels.

If you have additional questions, you can check out the ClickFunnels Help Center or message support.

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