How To Run A Live Or Recorded Webinar Using ClickFunnels

One of the best things about using ClickFunnels is that it integrates and plays nicely with almost all of your other favorite tools, softwares and services…which includes webinar platforms.

So whether you’re looking to send people to a live webinar registration page or you want to drive traffic to an evergreen webinar sales page and offer, you can absolutely do either with ClickFunnels.

Now, there’s a lot of different webinar solutions out there, but the most popular ones that the majority of other successful marketers use are Webinar Jam for live webinars and EverWebinar for automated and recorded webinars.

Here is a link for how to connect Webinar Jam with ClickFunnels

And here is a link for how to integrate EverWebinar with ClickFunnels

Additionally, most other marketers that are experiencing success with running webinars are typically using joint venture email traffic to promote their live events and pay per click, such as Facebook ads to drive traffic to recorded webinar registration pages.

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