How To Leverage The ClickFunnels Marketplace

The ClickFunnels Marketplace was created shortly after ClickFunnels was initially released and was originally designed to be a place for ClickFunnels members to both buy and sell custom sales funnels templates they had designed with the rest of the ClickFunnels community.

However, there are many different ways that you can take advantage of and leverage this marketplace.

First, yes, it is a place that you can sell your work and designs and create an additional stream of passive income, which is awesome.

Second, if you’re looking for a specific design or custom sales funnel, and you’re not really a designer or programmer and the pre-loaded templates that come included with ClickFunnels aren’t what you’re seeking, then you can use the marketplace to potentially find what you’re looking for.

And, lastly, if you are a ClickFunnels Certified Partner, you have the opportunity to plug your business and skills that you can offer to other ClickFunnels members and potentially attract new clients.

ClickFunnels Certified Partners go through a rigorous training and curriculum and learn every aspect of how to use ClickFunnels, so if you have a technical question or are seeking out how to do something specific, they can be a great resource.

The ClickFunnels Marketplace serves as basically an Upwork to find top talent ClickFunnels help, but you must have gone through the Certified Partner program to have a listing on the marketplace.

So, those are just a few of the advantages of the ClickFunnels Marketplace and how to best leverage them.

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