How To Install Google Tag Manager On ClickFunnels

Google Tag Manager is a great free tool for online marketers to manage all of their marketing tags.

It helps you keep your code clean and improves page speed, which as we know, impacts conversion rates.

You can use Google Tag Manager to manage all your pixels: Facebook Pixel, Linkedin, AdRoll, etc.

ClickFunnels has two ways to add your Google Tag Manager snippet to the page.

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering the funnel-wide method.

  1. Login to Google Tag Manager at
  2. Select the Account that you want to use
  3. Select the Container
  4. Click on the Container ID (GTM-XXXXX)
  5. Copy the Javascript Snippet

clickfunnels copy GTM container

How To Copy Container To Install In ClickFunnels

    1. Login to ClickFunnels
    2. Select your funnel
    3. From here you can either use page-level tracking snippets or you can use funnel-wide. For this example, we’re going to use funnel-wide tracking.
    4. Go to Settings

clickfunnels funnel settings

How To Find Funnel Settings In Your ClickFunnels Account

    1. Paste the snippet in the Body Tracking Code section (bottom right)

paste GTM container in body section

How To Paste Your Google Tag Manager Container Into Your ClickFunnels Funnel

    1. Select Save And Update Settings

Click Save and Update

Click Save And Update To Make Sure Your Changes Go Live

    1. Go to your funnel site and right click to Inspect
    2. Go to Sources and look for Google Tag Manager – or you can use Google Tag Assistant to verify the pixel

clickfunnels info validate google tag manager tag

How To Validate Google Tag Manager Tag On Your ClickFunnels Page

    1. Visit your site in Preview mode to test your tags

preview tag to make sure it goes live

Preview Your GTM To Test And Make Sure It Goes Live In ClickFunnels

    1. Publish when you have tested your tags

Click to make your container go live

Hit Publish To Make Your Google Tag Manger Go Live In ClickFunnels

And you’re done! Once you’re setup you can just copy the same GTM snippet across all of your funnels.

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