How To Add Custom Fields To ClickFunnels Forms

ClickFunnels integrates with most popular email autoresponders.

You can find a complete list of all the current email service providers ClickFunnels connects with and all the corresponding fields which pass over their API by clicking here.

Now, in regards to adding custom fields, most autoresponders do allow you to create them, however, they may not pass back and be captured by the autoresponder if you integrate with the ClickFunnels API.

Mailchimp is one example of an autoresponder that does, which you can find instructions for here…

But for many of the other autoresponder services, you might have to do some back and forth between the ClickFunnels support team or perhaps hire an expert from the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

So, hopefully that helps give you some more clear direction in figuring out how to pass custom field information from ClickFunnels back to your autoresponder.

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