How ClickFunnels Affiliate Tracking Works

ClickFunnels has a very lucrative affiliate program, but if you’re just getting started promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate, some things may be a little confusing in your affiliate dashboard.

This short video goes over and addresses all the different features and how they work…

Additionally, if you’re promoting ClickFunnels in a lot of different places online, you can assign a unique Sub ID to each of those links, so you can see exactly where your commissions and results are coming from.

To do that, for whatever ClickFunnels product or service you’re promoting, there will be an Affiliate Sub ID area next to the link.

Just type in whatever unique identifier you wish into that box, and then select and copy your Custom Link.

And it’s a best practice to use some sort of link tracker or cloaking tool to mask your custom link to make it look a little more user-friendly…

Because if people see your super long affiliate link with all sorts of numbers and letters in it, they might think it’s some sort of scary virus.

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