ClickFunnels Free Plus Shipping Offers And Why They Work

Have you ever seen those FREE + Shipping offers online?

If you’re a little bit older, you may remember back in the day the same kinds of offers would be on infomercials late at night…

But, how can those advertisers actually make money if they’re giving everything away for “FREE”?

Well, here’s how they work…

So, just like with most any other funnel, the purpose of the front end offer is to acquire the customer at whatever cost it took to advertise.

This is called breakeven.

If you’re lucky or design your sales funnel well, you may actually make a little profit on the front end offer.

But, more than likely, you’re going to lose money…

And that’s ok…because there is typically a series of higher ticket backend offers…

That’s where all the profit is 🙂

You can create FREE + Shipping offers for any niche or industry and they’re super simple to setup within ClickFunnels.

To learn more about the mechanics behind a FREE plus shipping funnel, click here.

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It’s called Funnel Hacks.

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