ClickFunnels For Ecommerce

There are several different applications you can use ClickFunnels for…

The list goes on and on…

But one of the most popular businesses that a lot of ClickFunnels members are involved with right now is e-commerce and dropshipping.

So, if you’re currently involved in dropshipping your own products or ones that you order off marketplaces like AliExpress, it’s very simple to use a tool like ClickFunnels to move some additional inventory.

You can create basic one-page or two-page sales funnels and just drive targeted paid traffic to those products.

A lot of people use Facebook ads…but you can also try Instagram as well as Pinterest.

You’ll just have to split test and experiment.

But the advantage of using a tool like ClickFunnels as opposed to just selling on a platform like Shopify, is that you can get insights into the EXACT products that people are interested in and buying and then use that data and information to source more of those same types of products in your online stores.

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