ClickFunnels Exit Pop Up Options

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions on your squeeze pages and sales pages is to add exit pops.

Yes, I know they’re annoying to us marketers…

But, the data all shows that they just work, so it’s best to use them.

And, using the ClickPop feature inside of ClickFunnels, you actually have several more options than just an exit pop.

The ClickFunnels ClickPop feature can be used as:

  • Entry Pop – Popup a message or optin as soon as the user visits the page
  • Exit Pop – Popup a message or optin when the user tries to exit the page
  • Time Delay Pop – Display a custom message after a certain length of time
  • And of course, a ClickPop (typically used for two-step squeeze page optins)

For more instructions on how to use exit popups and all the ClickPop features, check out the ClickFunnels Help Center.

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