ClickFunnels Email Hyperlink Instructions

When most people hyperlink buttons, text and images, they do it to another website or link.

But, what if you want to give people the ability to email you when they click a button?

It’s actually pretty easy to do inside ClickFunnels.

So, inside ClickFunnels, you would first select the button, text or image you like to hyperlink…

And under the tab that says “Go To Website URL” instead of putting a hyperlink, you would just paste your email address like this…

mailto:[email protected]

Then click Save.

That’s it!

Now, when someone clicks that button, text or image, it will pull up the user’s email client and populate the “To:” field with your email address…

All they’ll have to do is type a subject and message and then hit Send.

If you have any other ClickFunnels questions, there are a lot of helpful instruction guides and tutorials in the Help Center.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you can always reach out to support.

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