ClickFunnels Download Button And How To Use Digital Assets

One of the many elements that you can add to ClickFunnels page is a button.

And buttons can have a variety of different actions associated with them.

One of the options that you can use buttons for is allowing visitors to download a file or freebie.

This is especially useful as a lead magnet.

And a cool feature that comes built into ClickFunnels is the ability to store Digital Assets.

Digital Assets are files that you can upload to ClickFunnels with the purpose of sending them to contacts automatically via email when they opt in.

You can also link to them directly if you wish to allow contacts to download them from a thank you page or membership area.

SUPPORTED FILE TYPES: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, zip, txt, csv, or xls

FILE SIZE LIMITATIONS: When uploading files/digital assets into ClickFunnels, the file you’re uploading must be 3MB or less in size.

If the file you’re uploading exceeds 3MB, you will need to reduce the file size, or you can use a hosting platform such as Amazon S3 to host your files.

For more information about using Digital Assets, click here.

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