ClickFunnels Complaints – What To Do If You Have An Issue

ClickFunnels is a software.

Software occasionally breaks and has glitches.

So, if you are experiencing an issue, DON’T FREAK OUT!

Follow this simple protocol and it should help you get your questions and issues resolved as quickly as possible.


I would start by first searching to see if you can resolve your problem using one of the hundreds of tutorials and guides in the ClickFunnels Help Center.


If you can’t find your answer in the Help Center, I would then send a direct message to ClickFunnels support, which you can do from your account back office.


Then, last, if you don’t get a clear answer from support, I would make a post in the official ClickFunnels Facebook group and see if anyone else in the group has experienced the same issue as you and might can help.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get your ClickFunnels questions answered a lot faster moving forward.

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