ClickFunnels Certification Cost

The ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program is a 12-week course where you learn everything you need to know about being a certified ClickFunnels consultant. This program’s goal is transform skilled funnel hackers into highly paid consultants.

Here are some of the awesome features of the program:

12-Week Program
The program consists of 12 weeks with 12 different modules to learn. What makes this program so special is that it has a LIVE workshop event where you get to work with actual clients. Think of it as an on-the-job training where you learn all the ropes in an actual workplace environment. Nothing gives you more knowledge and experience than that!

Here’s what you’ll learn during the course of 12 weeks:

Week 1: Funnel Strategy

Week 2: Funnel Architecture

Week 3: Account Setup & Integrations

Week 4: Building The 6 Core Funnels

Week 5: Actionetics: Action Funnels, Sequences and MORE!

Week 6: Backpack: Running An Affiliate Program

Week 7: Copy 101 & Funnel Scripts

Week 8: Advanced Design & Video Tips

Week 9: Testing & Publishing

Week 10: Funnel Optimization

Week 11: High Ticket Sales & Client Intake

Week 12: Successful Project Delivery

As you can see from the modules listed above, this isn’t like any other training. This is an intensive bootcamp! Not only will you learn about funnel building and funnel hacking, but you will learn all there is to know about ClickFunnels, Actionetics and Backpack. Remember that you will be running your own business as a funnel consultant, so this 12-week program is a treasure trove of know-how.

ClickFunnels Etison Suite
Signing in to this program allows you a full access to ClickFunnels Etison Suite. This means that you get a year of access to ClickFunnels, Actionetics, Backpack and all the beta features before they even begin to roll them out! You get all of that at no additional cost.

Others will have to pay $297/month just to access the full suite!

Lead Generation Opportunities
Now, another fantastic advantage of signing up for the program is that once you complete this, your status alone as a Certified Partner becomes a lead magnet. Your clients will come to you!

This is because you will be listed in the Certified Partners Page. Imagine not having to look for clients because they will be the ones who will reach out to you before you even begin to start looking.

Continuing Education
Now, just because you’ve completed the 12-week course and received the certification does not mean that everything stops there! As you know, marketing is ever-innovating with new ideas and principles. With that said, being a certified partner entitles you to a monthly training session.

We all know that ClickFunnels is always innovating and always upgrading new features we will surely love. This arrangement would make it easier for consultants to know everything there is to know about the new features and how to make the most out of this features to update their funnels. This, in my opinion, adds a great deal of value to the program.

Another thing that gives value to the program is that you are given priority support complete with your very own Consultant Dashboard where you’ll be able to see all your clients and have access to their funnels without you needing to log in and out of different accounts. This makes a convenient platform to manage your clients without any hassles.

On your end as a consultant, ClickFunnels has also extended its support with the use of Skype. You can now get in touch with the ClickFunnels team for questions, fixes, tips and a whole lot more. I know anyone would love to tap into that knowledge base!

Being a certified partner will cost you a hefty amount of dough if you don’t feel like your up for it. At $10000, it may seem like too much if you’re not one to invest on learning. But if you look at it closely, $10000 for a 12-week learning program aimed at teaching you how to be a sought after consultant isn’t really a lot with all the features you’ll be getting.

You will also be given a year of access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite where you get full access to ClickFunnels, Actionetics, Backpack a – all for FREE! Imagine having to pay for the whole year. That’s $5964 in total savings.

Not only that, but you will be featured as a certified consultant in the ClickFunnels Certified Consultant Page earning you not just credibility, but a highly coveted spot in the marketplace! You get that exposure at no cost to you.

And that’s not all you’re getting for $10000! To be sure that you’re on top of your game, you’ll also be given access to continuing education monthly. If you also wish to re-certify, a huge discount awaits you!

Additionally, if you’re not interested in moving forward with the Certified Partner program right now, but are looking for the best deal or discount for ClickFunnels, I want to let you know about a special offer that not a lot of people know exists…

It’s called Funnel Hacks.

Funnel Hacks is the only deal or discount that exists for ClickFunnels and will not only give you access to some incredibly valuable bonuses that will help you make a ton more money with ClickFunnels if you actually implement them, but investing in Funnel Hacks will also save you hundreds of dollars on your ClickFunnels membership.

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