ClickFunnels Bugs And Common Issues

As with any software, there’s going to be bugs and issues occasionally…

Nothing is perfect, but ClickFunnels, in my opinion, does a really great job of keeping everything under control.

In the handful of years that ClickFunnels has been live and open to the public, I haven’t personally experienced any specific or severe technical issues other than it occasionally going down for a few hours or not being able to login to my affiliate dashboard to check my stats and commissions.

ClickFunnels pages have gone down temporarily about three or so times in the past two years, which can mean thousands of dollars of lost per hour, if you’re running paid traffic.

That sucks, but, again, it’s all part of running an online business…you have to factor for that and learn to pivot as quickly as possible if and when it does happen.

Whenever something serious does happen though, ClickFunnels does a great job of addressing it and correcting it within a few hours.

If you have severe problems, I would probably make a post about it in the official ClickFunnels Facebook group, to see if others are experiencing the same issue, and if you can get a fast solution.

And if you’re experiencing some specific bug or difficulty, for instance in their drag and drop visual editor, I would message support directly and they should get back to you with a response within 24-48 hours.

All in all, my overall experience with ClickFunnels has been very positive in the past few years.

Again, aside from those handful of days that a server might have been down, it’s been a pretty smooth experience and I definitely recommend it.

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