Click Funnels Shopify Integration

One of the easiest ways for a solopreneur to go from making zero dollars online to earning four or five figures a month in no time is to setup a simple Shopify store.

And a lot of Shopify store owners also use ClickFunnels to build custom marketing funnels to market and promote their products using paid traffic such as Facebook Ads.

ClickFunnels doesn’t have a direct integration with Shopify but since ClickFunnels integrates with Zapier, you can pretty much automate everything you’re looking to do from order fulfillment, etc.

Since the ClickFunnels Help Center doesn’t offer much help with connecting Shopify to ClickFunnels, a great resource would be to join the ClickFunnels Facebook group and search for “shopify”.

There’s probably tons of questions that have already been answered, but if you can’t find the exact answer you’re looking for, you can then post your own question.

Additional resources you may want to check out if you’re just getting into the dropshipping game are…

AliExpress – A marketplace for finding high quality products you can sell and dropship through your Shopify store
Oberlo – A solution that makes it easy to import and automate the fulfillment of dropshipped products through your Shopify store

And if you haven’t yet invested in ClickFunnels, I would highly recommend checking out the Funnel Hacks special offer.

It’s the only deal or discount that exists for ClickFunnels and will not only give you access to some incredibly valuable bonuses that will help you make a ton more money with ClickFunnels if you actually implement them, but investing in Funnel Hacks will also save you hundreds of dollars on your ClickFunnels membership.

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